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mx in higher ed

entertainment design


telling stories

physics is still your friend

game industry

creative chaos


verby nouns


transformational experiences

creative chaos

creative chaos

well played

creative chaos

lifelong learning

field overview


making magic


creative chaos



well played

society learning games

playful learning(?)

playing gorogoa


dust diaries

games for impact

it's hard

play time?


making makeshop

public speaking 101

health & hygiene

augmented reality


the best playground

learning & args

games & learning

working examples


well played

crossmedia & learning



secrets & snacks


snackable gameplay


post-secret game design


failure, fun & learning


crossmedia storytelling


mapping uncharted 2


digital media & learning


games across media


playing a game


world of goo


walkthrough portal


animation & crossmedia


interpreting prince of persia


aesthetics & design


on etc press


crossmedia communications


interactivity in ico


stories in between


journey of narrative


virtual reading

krazy kat




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