Or, in other words, why have I written the primary node hypertextually?
And why do I consider a textual, linear version to be a secondary artifact of the first?
The answer to these questions can be found, implicitly, through the experience of this hypertextual node.

It is in between all the pages.

It is the hypertextual, rhizomatic linkings that weave these pages together in a diversity of layers and simultaneously open it up to the
almost infinite world wide web, where there is no there there.
It is in the dynamic reading/writing experience, where readers have more overt control to "read" as they choose.
And the writer can continually, and performatively, update the document.
It is a living document in which the process allows the content to grow and change as long as it is attended to.
It never has to be completed as long as the author (and others) continue to add to it.