Drew Davidson & Andy Glikman

Reading The Web

So, you've been surfing the web for awhile now, or you're a newbie, either way, you've probably already noticed certain characteristics about the web. Well, this project is devoted to exploring the hypertextual quirks of the web. Andy Glikman and I are writing about and evoking the nature of hypertext on the web. If you are wondering exactly what hypertext is click here. As always, if you have any comments, critiques, questions and/or suggestions for me, email me.

The pages in this web site are an attempt to describe/evoke/critique the world wide web. This project aims to use the medium of the web to explore it and see how it conveys information to you the reader/surfer. In other words, I am interested in how you can tell stories differently, maybe even uniquely, in hypertext, via the web. I am engaging this topic in collaboration with Andy, who is interested in how one can argue via hypertext, both sections of this project are linked together for your exploration.